Bring It Local Member COOP
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    Our worker and user owned coop lives real grass roots economics by combining a non-monetary product exchange with crowdfunding of great ideas.

    Collective Momentum Fund

    The Collective Momentum Fund is a loan fund that grows over time from the repayments so it is able to provide loans for more and more people.
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    Start your own campaign, or support great ideas and good causes. When your supporters donate to your campaign they earn BILs they can use in the Tausch.

    Tausch [pron: tau̇sh]

    It is a German word for swap, and is the name for our free fleamarket. On the Tausch you can post the items cluttering up your life and share them with other people who need them.


    BILs are our very own Bring it Local currency, which can be earned without spending a penny. BILs can be used to bid on and buy items you want.


    Bring It Local is free. Our revenues are strictly from gratuities offered by donors to crowdfunding campaigns.


    We are becoming a worker owned and member owned cooperative. That means that all profits are shared by workers and user members of the coop.